Zach Kromer

Photographer, Developer, Explorer

Astrophotography Behind The Lens.

When Zach picked up his first Prosumer camera in 2009, he immediately started taking photos of the night sky. After months of tweaking his settings and reading tips, he started to out grow his camera. In 2014 he purchased a Nikon™ 5200 and telescope mount. Since then he has had his professional work displayed at Boeing's Prologue room.

Web Devloper and Programmer.

Having an interest in coding since age 7, Zach has made dozens of websites over his lifetime. Some of his clients include Rockwood Summit High School's FM Radio Station, KFTN, Webster University's online radio station, The Galaxy Radio, and the St. Louis Space Frontier

Award Winning Space Outreach.

Zach Kromer is the Secretary for the 2015 Chapter of the year St. Louis Space Frontier, St. Louis' chapter of the National Space Society; and has served on the planning boards for four national and international space conferences. Zach has instructed classes on the basics of engineering and has talked to thousands of children at the St. Louis Science Center about space exploration.